Mentorship Program

This program pairs professional astronomers with undergrad students to help them grow in their science careers and set long term goals. The mentor-mentee relationship will help the student understand how astronomical research works world-wide.

The program runs every year, starting in February and closing in December.

Languages: Preferably the applicants will speak either english or Spanish. Other languages can requested in the application form.

Applications open the 15th of September and close the 15th of Octuber

Mentors are encouraged to help students with career milestones such as:

  • Master and PhD applications
  • Help them find advisers for their thesis
  • Connect them with possible science internship
  • Other

As well as helping them with their soft skills, for example:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Working in teams
  • Project management skills
  • Time management skills
  • Other

Important dates 

  • 15 of September: Applications open
  • 15 of Octubre: Applications close
  • 1 of December: Mentor-Mentee pairs are announced
  • 15 of December: Deadline for signing confidentiality agreements and accepting their pairs
  • Last week of January: Training for mentors and kick off session for all participants
  • February: The pairs start their one-on-one calls

Program commitments:

The program runs from Feb to Dec. Both mentors and mentees must be willing to commit to:

  • At least one hour per month for mentor-mentee chats
  • Reply to the program surveys (approximately one every 3 months)
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement

Mentors must commit to participating in the training sessions provided prior to starting the program.

The students must be committed to lead their sessions and work on their goals. 


You can be a student if:

  • You are an undergrad student (with more than 50% of your classes approved) or a masters student from a University in Central American or Caribbean
  • Willingness to pursue a career in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Physics or related
  • You are studying Physics, Math, Astronomy, Engineering and related fields
  • You must be an Alpha-Cen member. If you are not a member yet, you will need to apply prior to submitting your mentorship application (it is free - you can find the link in our main website).
  • Apply here!

You can be a Mentor if:

To be a professional in a science career. You must comply with at least one of the options below:

  1. Ph.D students close to defending their Ph.D thesis (coursing their last year)
  2. Postdoctoral researchers
  3. Professor Assistant or Professor
  4. Former Physicist/Astronomer now pursuing a career in industry, education and others
  5. A masters degree with 3+ years of experience in Academic roles if you decided not to do a PhD

There are no geographical restrictions for mentors. Mentors are not required to be Alpha-Cen members.

  • Applications for mentors are not open yet TBA