Alpha-Cen: Astrophysics in Central America and the Caribbean

Alpha-Cen: Astrophysics in Central America and the Caribbean

About Us

Alpha-Cen is a non-profit and non-governmental scientific group created for the development and strengthening of research in astronomical sciences in Central America and the Caribbean. Its members are professionals and students around the world who believe in our causes and are committed to Alpha-Cen’s objectives.

How to Join

To be part of Alpha-Cen you most show commitment to the Central American and the Caribbean region. For example, being of Central American or Caribbean nationality, being part of scientific collaborations including the Central American and the Caribbean region, work in one of the local institutions, or show genuine commitment to support the region.

The application round opens in July and ends by October 30th every year. Decisions are notified in November

  1. Fill out the application form: You will need an updated CV to complete the form.
  2. Have the endorsement of a member of Alpha-Cen. Your endorsement must send their words of support to your application via this form  
  3. If you don't know of any Alpha-Cen member, send an email to and your application will be assigned to your country's representative.


Event Calendar

Astronomy related events in the region

If you want to include your event in the calendar, send a message to


Full members (fee $35)

Members with a PhD in astrophysics (astronomy) or related sciences, who have published in high-impact journals in their field.

Associate members (fee $20)

Members enrolled in a Masters program, with a Masters degree in astrophysics and/or PhD students in astrophysics (astronomy) or related sciences. This category also includes members with a PhD in astronomy related areas who have not published in refereed journals.

Basic members (fee $10)

Members with or currently completing a bachelor degree in astrophysics or related topics.

Founder members (fee $0)

All people who attended the first General Assembly (December 2019), and comply with the requisites established in the statute approved on the 15th of September 2019.

Honorary members (fee $0)

Members who have been granted the honorary status for their merits or contributions to Alpha-Cen.

Support members (fee $50)

Members who contribute monetarily to the Alpha-Cen cause and not necessarily participate in the Alpha-Cen activities.

Institutional Member (fee $1000)

Institutions that actively support the goals of Alpha-Cen.

All membership fees cover a period of one calendar year

Our Allies

Central american-Caribbean bridge in Astrophysics (CENCA)

The Central American - Caribbean Bridge in Astrophysics (Cenca), through a model similar to the National Astronomy Consortium (NAC) program at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, adopts a meeting format, where students participate in a monthly webinar series as a community with a guest speaker, usually an astronomer. They also have remote intership opportunities, where they give research experience to students in the region.

National and International Non-Traditional Exchange (NINE) program

The NINE program is dedicated to people (students and professionals) who want to develop radio astronomy in their country. Students participate in a training program to later create a NINE hub in their country. NINE is part of the NRAO's Diversity and Inclusion Office. Alpha-Cen selects a candidate each year to participate in the program.

NINE hubs

NINE hub Costa Rica
Contacto: Mauricio Rodriguez Alas

NINE hub Honduras
Contacto: Alejandro Saravia

NINE hub Haiti
Contacto: Emaude Altema


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Social Media

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Alpha-Cen Mission

Alpha-Cen was born with the conviction to work for the development of astrophysics in Central America and the Caribbean